Garden Path Ideas

While Garden Paths are such a functional garden element, it is easy to overlook their decorative potential.  Here are some Garden Path Ideas to kick start your imagination on creating the right pathways for your outside space.

Whether it is an elegant line of stepping stones, a meandering river of gravel edged by cottage perennials, or a raised timber walkway, pathways can go well beyond the basic concrete slab to give your whole garden a lift.

As garden landscape jobs go, creating a pathway is one of the easiest projects, so dig up that hard-worn earth and replace it with a practical and good-looking surface.

Stepping Stones

Gravel Garden PathAlong the side of a house, a pathway of steping stones set into gravel makes a stylish alternative to a solid track.  Stepping stones can also be laid directly into lawn or even into a bed of bark mulch for an interesting spin on the theme.

Gravel Paths

If you want to run gravel paths over sloping sections of the garden, the solution is to add some steps.  Broad, flat steps make for easy walking, so make sure the height of the risers is no more than 150mm (6 inches).  Timber sleepers make ideal risers.  They can be secured with steel spikes hammered into the soil.

Raised Timber Walkway

A raised timber walkway combines the practicality of a path with the charm of a timber deck.  This type of path can be constructed from treated-pine posts concreted into the ground, with a framework of treated pine.  The decking can be made from treated-pine planks.

House Brick PathwayHouse Brick Pathway

Ordinary house bricks can make a charming traditional-style pathway.  Bricks can be laid in a simple running-bond pattern, or a more complex one. You can buy bricks relatively cheaply at a brickworks and lay them in the same way as pavers, on a base of sand about 25mm (1 inch)  thick.

Mulch Pathway

If you need a pathway in a hurry, mulch is a great alternative.  In a woodland garden setting, a path of wood mulch can look very attractive.  If you use a 6-10cm (2.5-4 inch) thick layer of mulch, any weeds will be smothered.  Remember that this sort of path will need to be topped up annually with fresh mulch.

Lawn Pathway

In a garden without lawn, consider a grass path.  It provides a soft surface to walk on, and mowing is minimal for such a small surface area.  Use a variety of turf that grows best in the growing conditions in your area.

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